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Vifloor Canada

Wool Carpets from Vifloor Canada


Founded on Canadian soil, Vifloor® has built a reputation for excellence over the past 25 years. The company, based in Toronto, is known for creating high quality residential and commercial flooring, including gorgeous wool broadloom carpets. At Taylor Carpet One, we’re proud to be a leading Vifloor distributor in the Muskoka region. We’re thrilled to now offer a full selection of stylish wool products from this top tier brand, made with expert care and premium craftsmanship. If you’d like to learn more about our Vifloor collection, visit our showroom in Huntsville, ON to browse our flooring samples and talk with our experienced professionals.


Why Choose Wool 


Unlike synthetic carpets, wool is an all-natural carpet made with sustainable fibres that are sheared from sheep. It’s considered renewable since they regrow their coats over a matter of months and are ready to be sheared again within a year. Wool fibres are also biodegradable, unlike many popular synthetic carpet materials like nylon and polyester.

Beyond its eco-friendly reputation, wool is naturally crush-resistant thanks to its curly structure. Your wool carpet will resist matting over time and keep its appearance much longer than many other carpet products. It will also maintain its springy shape and bounce back, even after wear and tear like snagged pet claws and years of foot traffic. Wool carpets are also inherently fire-resistant, making them a safe choice for homes, and particularly spaces like bedrooms and nurseries.

Wool carpets are also excellent for insulation. In fact, your new floor can reduce heat loss by up to 15% through the winter months. This keeps your heating bills low and your family cozy through Canada’s colder seasons. Wool is also excellent for controlling humidity levels in the warmer summer months. It can absorb 30% of its weight in humidity while retaining its soft, luxurious texture. This is perfect for promoting a cool, dry indoor environment, even on high-humidity days.

As one of the top wool carpet brands on the market, you’ll find a wide array of stylish Vifloor products among our flooring selection. Each is considered an eco-carpet that’s sustainably-made with biodegradable fibres. If you’re looking for a high-end carpet that’s modern, beautiful, and built to last, turn to the experts at Taylor Carpet One. We’re excited to help you find a luxury carpet from Vifloor Canada that perfectly fits your style and performance needs.


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