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Vinyl Flooring in Huntsville, ON

Taylor Carpet One Floor & Home in Huntsville, ON has you and your home covered when it comes to flooring. As your local vinyl flooring experts, our flooring professionals are here to help you find the perfect floor for your home. Vinyl flooring is made to look identical to wood or tile flooring but is less expensive than natural flooring and much longer lasting.


Vinyl flooring has seen a gain in popularity in both the residential, commercial, and rental or summer home flooring market because of its durability. It has become especially appealing for homeowners who share their space with children or pets. Vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture, heat, wear, scratching, and fading, and even comes in waterproof products.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


There are various vinyl flooring options, including vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring. Since vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity and technology continues to improve, homeowners like you have man different choices when it comes to the type of vinyl floors you want in your home.


Luxury plank flooring looks and often feels like authentic hardwood planks, but is affordable, easy to install, durable, and moisture resistant. With varying sizes available it’s easy to create a convincing design, based on your favourite hardwood species and styles. All vinyl planks feature water resistant qualities, but we also have completely waterproof wood look options as well! Wood look flooring is one of the most popular flooring trends, so let us help you find the best floor for your home!


A tile that’s truly remarkable, vinyl tile can be used to create your favourite ceramic and porcelain-inspired looks, as well as stone and parquet wood visuals. What you won’t miss is the grout, the expense, and the complicated upkeep. Vinyl tiles are much more forgiving underfoot compared to traditional tile and are warmer to the touch! They are just as easy to clean as a traditional tile and feature the same waterproof qualities as porcelain tile.


Wood plastic composite flooring, commonly referred to as WPC, is an extremely resilient type of specialty vinyl. WPC is fully waterproof, suitable for commercial and residential spaces, and always beautiful. These floors come in plank and tile options and replicate the authentic look of natural flooring. They are easy to clean, long-lasting, resistant to scratching, and can withstand rolling traffic in busy areas.


A hybrid vinyl, rigid core is 100% waterproof, 100% dent resistant, and 100% on trend. Renowned for its ability to make every step comfortable, rigid core works great in all types of interiors. If you are looking for a durable flooring solution that replicates the authentic details of natural flooring, then check out our collection of rigid core vinyl flooring.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


Certain vinyl flooring options feature waterproof qualities. Waterproof flooring has a watertight surface and a strong waterproof core. This core helps to prevent the planks or tile from expanding or contracting due to changes in humidity. This construction also helps to stop moisture from reaching your subfloor and causing more damage. Even if your floors are waterproof, your subfloors are not, so make sure you clean up any standing water to avoid damage.


We’ve carefully curated our selection of waterproof flooring to make our customer’s lives easier. We offer hard and soft surface options so that everyone can have a choice. Waterproof flooring features incredible technology that is designed to protect your subfloors from water and moisture damage. For example, waterproof vinyl floors feature waterproof surfaces and cores that stops moisture from reaching your subfloor and allows the moisture to evaporate rather than soak into the planks and tiles.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


If you choose a waterproof vinyl option, you can install it anywhere in your home. It can withstand the foot traffic you typically see in living rooms, it is comfortable enough for bedrooms, and it can manage the moisture you’d expect in kitchens. Places like your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and mud room need a waterproof option. Other places you can install vinyl floors are basements, entryways, and even your hallways.


Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


Taylor Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for all things flooring. We are a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, which means we have a competitive advantage over the big box stores. We carry all your favorite vinyl flooring brands. Stop by one of our showrooms here in Huntsville, ON to see our collection of vinyl flooring.



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Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Caring for Vinyl Flooring


With vinyl flooring you can get the look of natural

elements but the durability of vinyl. They are easy to

clean and only require occasional sweeping. You can

spend more time enjoying your floors

than caring for them.