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rustic look hardwood flooring in living room

Hardwood Floors in Huntsville, ON


Hardwood flooring has been around for hundreds of years. It remains a popular flooring option for its natural beauty and long-lasting characteristics. 


Taylor Carpet One Floor & Home is your local hardwood flooring source in Huntsville, Ontario. Our flooring professionals can help you find the best hardwood floor for your home.



What Is the Best Hardwood Flooring Style for My Home?

Hardwood flooring is a large investment and just like any other flooring, it comes in wide a variety of options. Choose carefully.


You can expect to encounter unusual species, finishes, and compositions, along with finished and unfinished plank options. Finished hardwood planks may limit your style choices but reduce installation time. Unfinished hardwood planks bring more style and versatility, but the installation will take longer.


There are traditional styles, modern styles, and rustic weather-worn styles. Your hardwood floor is further characterized by features such as:


  • Species
  • Colour
  • Plank length
  • Shine
  • Plank width
  • Texture
  • Wood grains


What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Flooring?

In addition to style, there are two distinct types of hardwood flooring available.


Today, you can shop for solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Different hardwood options can vary by species like oak, hickory, or maple. Each wood option offers unique shades and character and features different strength levels and wear resistance.


Your personal style can help you determine the type of hardwood you would want in your home.



  • Solid hardwood flooring is the original hardwood option. Solid hardwood performs best when installed above or on grade. Solid planks feature a simple construction, with one single piece of wood. The planks are usually ¾ inches thick and include a tongue and groove for easy installation. Popular species include white oak, red oak, ash, maple, and hickory. One of the primary benefits of solid planks is that if they look worn and have lost their lustre, you can refinish them to make them look brand-new!



  • Engineered hardwood flooring is different from traditional solid hardwood. Multiple layers of genuine wood veneers are pressed together in a cross-grain form, helping to make the floors incredibly stable. This also helps prevent the planks from expanding and contracting with changes in humidity and moisture. Engineered and solid hardwood are available in the same types of species. Hickory, white oak, red oak, ash, and birch are examples of engineered hardwood species, so don’t worry about having limited options with engineered hardwood.



How Does Humidity Affect Hardwood Floors?

Humidity and moisture can cause serious damage to your hardwood floors.


It’s best to avoid high-moisture rooms when installing hardwood and get a moisture test done to make sure your hardwood floors stand the best chance wherever you wish to install them.


With our hot, humid summers and dry, cold winters you can face the problem of expansion and contraction. This can cause buckling, cupping, or shrinkage which means you’ll be spending even more money replacing them sooner than you would otherwise.


Have no fear though, engineered hardwood flooring is equipped to handle moisture and humidity better than solid. Still, it’s best to avoid super moisture-prone rooms unless you choose one of our 100% waterproof hardwood options.



Where Can Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?

If chosen with care, hardwood flooring can be used throughout your home, except for kitchens and bathrooms.

Enjoy hardwood flooring in:

  • Bedrooms
  • Stairs
  • Insurance Jobs
  • Living rooms
  • Entryways
  • Wall Planks
  • Dining rooms
  • Offices
  • Hallways
  • Libraries


Can I Install My Own Hardwood Floor?

We strongly recommend a professional flooring installation.

Installing hardwood floors is a difficult, time-consuming, and precise process.  You’ll have to clean your subfloor perfectly, and make sure it’s completely level. From there, you’re looking at MANY hours of measuring, cutting, nailing, sanding, and staining.

Sound complicated? It truly is! But our expert installers have you and your home fully covered. Opt for professional flooring installation, always, and your satisfaction- and warranty- are guaranteed.


Shop Hardwood Flooring Near You in Huntsville, Ontario

When you need quality hardwood flooring in Huntsville, ON, we’ve got you covered. At Taylor Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer only the best hardwood brands in the business, along with premium services like hardwood installation and warranties.


We have endless solid and hardwood flooring options so be sure to visit us soon at 30 Cairns Crescent in Huntsville, ON, or contact us today to schedule your free project estimate.

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