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custom area rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


Nothing completes the aesthetic of a room like a beautiful area rug – from rich, textured hues that add depth and drama to a simple gray and beige area rug that creates just the right touch of detail. With a limited range of standard area rug sizes and shapes, it’s not always easy to find the right rug for your space. At Taylor Carpet One in Huntsville, ON, we offer custom area rugs in a full selection of styles. Our local professionals can help you size and shape your new rug to perfectly suit your needs, and we’ll provide insight into which patterns, textures, styles, and colours will work best. Contact us today or visit our area rugs and carpet showroom to learn more. 


Benefits of Custom Area Rugs


It can be challenging to find a standard area rug size that perfectly fits your space. Whether you can’t quite find the right length or width to complete your living room, or you need a custom shape, we have you covered. Our made-to-order rugs can be created in any shape or size that you need. Additionally, our experienced flooring and home experts are here to help you choose a style that will match your decor vision. 


Beyond adding to the overall appearance of your home, personalized area rugs have a range of other benefits. They help protect hard surface floors from wear, abrasions, pet claws, furniture dents, and more. They also add slip-resistance and cushioning underfoot in busy rooms, as well as warmth and sound absorption. In fact, an area rug is a must in noisier spaces like playrooms, or those with televisions, instruments, and more. 


At Taylor Carpet One, we’re here to provide you with custom area rugs that are affordable and personalized. If you’re looking for the best place to buy area rugs, look no further than our Huntsville, ON showroom.



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