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Taylor Carpet One Floor & Home in Huntsville, ON is your locally-owned flooring retailer. Our flooring professionals are carpet experts and can help you navigate our carpet brands using the Select-A-Floor™ system to make finding your new carpet easier. We have carpet options that can suit a variety of style needs and budget requirements. Our flooring professionals can help to make the carpet and custom area rug buying process easier by basing your search on not just needs but also wants.
Compared to hardwood flooring, carpet is extremely allergy-friendly. The fibers trap dust and dirt until the next time you vacuum to keep your breathing zone clean. Carpet can even help make your home more energy efficient by regulating warm and cold temperatures.


What Type of Carpet is Right For Your Home?


Once you decide you want a new carpet, you should also consider how you use the space you want to install it in. You may need a waterproof carpet in areas with excess activity, or a stain-resistant carpet if you have children and pets in your household. Our carpet options feature both style and durability which is perfect for active households. It is important for you to feel comfortable as soon as you step on your carpet.
How do you find the right balance between performance and style? The most important thing you need to do is choose the right carpet type. Let’s explore the differences between them below:  


  • Cut-Loop Carpet: Regular cut-pile carpet has evenly cut yarn loops, making it soft and comfy. It looks velvety and is perfect for cozy places like bedrooms and living rooms. However, it can easily show footprints and vacuum marks because of its density. Still, it's easy to clean and looks luxurious.
  • Berber Carpet: Berber carpet is made with looped fibers, giving it a textured look. These loops can be at different heights and create unique patterns. Berber carpets have a relaxed, natural style and are tough enough to handle lots of foot traffic. However, because of the loops, removing stains can be a bit tricky.
  • Patterned Carpet: Patterned carpet combines cut and looped yarns to create cool patterns and textures. It's stylish and adds character to any room. Unlike regular cut piles, patterned carpets don't show footprints and vacuum marks as much. They're strong and work well in busy areas.
  • Saxony Carpet: Saxony carpet is built with cut-pile fibers, so it's tough for daily use. It doesn't show marks from people walking on it, so it stays looking great without needing to replace it often.
  • Frieze Carpet: Frieze carpet has a unique look and texture. It's a cut-pile carpet with long, twisted fibers that make it look shaggy. It's great at hiding footprints and vacuum marks, so it's a good choice for busy spots like hallways or living rooms.


Further, the fiber that's used to craft your carpet is an important consideration you should have before looking into flooring installation in Huntsville, ON. See which fiber is right for your new carpet.


  • Nylon is the most common and popular carpet fiber option because of its durability and resistance to staining. We recommend nylon carpets for homeowners with children or pets.
  • Polyester is less expensive than nylon but features the same durability. It is comparable to the durability of nylon, which also makes it a great option for households with children and pets. 
  • Triexta is an inherently durable fiber. These fibers are becoming a more popular option because, unlike nylon, they are already resistant to staining and do not need to be treated. 
  • Olefin/polypropylene fibers are perfect for decorative rugs and carpets. Wool is a popular and natural fiber that comes from sheep. These carpets are luxurious, but also easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Wool is a great carpet for homes in colder climates due to its natural insulating properties.

Professional Carpet Installation in Huntsville, ON

When it comes to carpet installation, it's essential to consider the specific areas in your home. Carpet is ideal for creating cozy and intimate spaces throughout your home. Our stain-resistant carpets can withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas like hallways and stairs. For households with pets and children, we also offer stain-resistant options perfect for recreational rooms or playrooms. However, it's important to avoid installing carpet in areas like kitchens and bathrooms due to the moisture and humidity levels. As a cooperative member, we harness the collective purchasing power of 1,000 stores, enabling us to compete effectively with big box retailers. Our commitment to quality is backed by our exceptional warranties, including The Beautiful Guarantee. When you choose us for your carpet installation, rest assured that our team of expert flooring installers will ensure the job is done right, enhancing both the appearance and durability of your carpet. If you're not completely satisfied with your installation within 30 days, simply give us a call, and we'll replace it at little to no cost. Don't forget to visit our showroom in Huntsville, ON, to explore our selection in person or shop conveniently online.

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