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With all of the flooring options available today, carpet is still one of the most popular options. Varieties of colours, patterns and textures allow for you to show your style. Create the space you want with wall to wall carpeting, staircase carpeting or hallway runners. And with continuous advances in technology, carpet is more comfortable and durable than ever. Both residential and commercial carpet have a higher stain resistance and hold up to foot traffic.

Carpet has been known to be more difficult than hard surfaces to keep in good shape and looking new. And if you have children or pets, you are familiar with spills, stains and odors. But new carpet fibers make it much easier to clean up the inevitable messes and prevent long lasting smells.

We are Muskoka's flooring experts and when you visit our Huntsville showroom, we will be able to walk you through all of the options available to you. From choosing a carpet through installation, we are sure you will have an enjoyable experience and beautiful carpet for years to come.

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Types of Carpet

Loop, pattern, frieze, plush...which is the right choice for your setting? Learn about the different carpet types that are available to you.

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What is the best carpet for my room?

Your new carpet should reflect your unique style, so be sure to work with our experts to pick out your perfect match. There are so many stylish options available!

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What warranties are available for carpet?

If you choose one of our Carpet One exclusives, you can take advantages of some of the most reliable warranties in the industry.

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